Tenda router has been reset

If you have reset your Tenda Wifi Router supplied by Go Connect.

Pre checks: Make sure you have your network cable from the Huawei ONT plugged into the WAN of the Tenda router (blue socket)

Step1: Connect your pc to the router via a LAN ethernet cable (yellow socket)

Step2: Open your web browser, you should be redirected to the Tenda screen, If not then please check your cable. or try in your web browser

Step3: On the Tenda screen tick "PPPOE" not (DHCP)

Step4: Change the wireless PIN to the one shown on the underside of the router (Wireless Password).

Step5:Enter your PPPOE credentials, if you don't know them please follow this guide Forgotten my PPPOE username and password

Step6: Reboot your router and wait 1 min.

Step7: Search your wifi signals for the Tenda signal ( Tenda-xxxx) You may want to change the SSID to your own name via the Advanced button, (see manual)

Step8: Enter the wireless pin when requested by your wifi device.

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