Do i have to be on debit order?

Due to the nature of our business we require all customers to use Debit Order as their payment method.

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When does my debit order go off?

Your debit order goes off at the beginning of the month for the month in advance.

Will I receive my invoice monthly regardless of me being on debit order?

Yes, Once your debit order is in effect you will still receive your monthly invoices but they...

Do I need to pay my Pro rata invoice via EFT?

Yes the first invoice needs to be paid via EFT thereafter if you have opted, your account will be...

Can i pay up front for a year in advance?

Unfortunately not. Since some of our packages run on a month to month agreement and we do not, at...

When are invoices due?

As per clause 8.1.2 in Terms and Conditions, all services are to be paid in advance within 7 days...